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     Jo is a versatile artist, able to create using different mediums and different styles. She has been drawing and painting since she was a child and while still in high-school, she dedicated her focus on creating hyper-realistic portraits. In the last years however she has been experimenting with a wide range of styles and materials

     Her main source of inspiration remains the human subconscious and the darker aspects of reality. Through art, her aim is to encourage diversity and acceptance of everything that we consider "different" or "dark" in our personalities. Her fascination with the Jungian Shadow and the exploration of fears and dreams remain an important source for her creative streak.

     The Skulls are part of Jo’s most recent collection. The colorful approach to the macabre is her specialty, using flashing colors to depict the human skull. As in most of her works, contrasts are dominating the canvas - the skulls radiate light from within, thus empowered by a vibrancy that makes them stand out from the gloomy backgrounds. The Skulls are a reflection of the raw energy within each and every one of us, which is very often inhibited and dimmed down. This energy can only be tapped into by accepting the contrasts that portray human nature, a strong reference to the Jungian psychology – there can’t be light without darkness, nor good without evil, nor right without wrong.

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