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Hell & Heaven Collection

Black and white. Light and darkness. Conscious and unconscious.

Our personality is a battlefield. We live our lives fighting with ourselves, fighting to repress those aspects of our nature that are inconvenient, different, dark. We are ashamed and we neglect our true selves, but we all carry a shadow, as Jung said, and we can’t never be fully complete if we don’t embrace our darkest sides. My artistic practice was born here, on the threshold that separates light and darkness.


My paintings are portals that transport the viewers into the most remote parts of their minds and show them their pointless efforts of keeping their emotions quiet. Using black and white brushstrokes I highlight the dichotomy in our selves showing the battle, showing the struggle. But also showing the way towards reconciliation. The gold beams represent the complete self, the one who accepts their dark side as much as the light, the one that has traveled through Hell in order to understand their fears and flaws and is now able to reach Heaven: the state of a complete human being.


Through my art I explore the contrast, I celebrate and promote acceptance and I encourage diversity. My paintings aim to empower the viewer in their journey towards self-discovery reminding them that darkness applies to all human beings. My artistic research is ultimately a celebration of the subconscious and an invitation to scout our silenced instincts as a source of unexplored energy.

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