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Skull Collection

The Skulls are a yearly limited edition collection. Every year, Jo creates a total of 10 Skulls in various traditional media - in acrylics or oil paints. 

These paintings are rare and unique, bringing a vibrant and original interpretation of the classical Skull, on the background of a variety of themes.

Click on the image to enter Jo's world of the Skulls. 


Hell & Heaven Collection

This collection is very personal to Jo and it depicts her own experiences and feelings from an artistic perspective. 

Being highly intimate and introspective, this body of work reflects her inner world, exploring both her dark and bright side. 

The paintings in this collection aim to describe how we are all made of darkness and light, of contradictions and conflicting beliefs, and how only by accepting these incongruous aspects of our nature, can we truly achieve a healthier and more balanced state as human beings. 

Click on the image to discover more. 

Sketch 10.jpg


A limited edition collection. 

Click on the image to access the Sketches. 

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