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* This entry is the payment for the bespoke frame whenever a painting has been sold to a customer. This will be the link used in order to pay for the full service - frame and framing process (no extra costs for the service itself). 


* Frames are bespoke, meaning they are made especially for the size of your paiting. 

* The frame is completely your choice, therefore kindly let me know of your preferences.

* The framer I collaborate with on a regular basis is Aram Picture Framing (Chiswick - London). He can also provide advice on what fits best in relation to the colors and textures of the artwork, if you would like colorful frames with to fit a certain style and decor. 

* The price will be communicated to you once the frame has been chosen.

* The receipt will be delivered with the painting.

* You will be kept up to date on framing times and other details. 


Dimensions of framed work - will be communicated here. 





Custom requests
Please feel free to start a conversation anytime. You can contact me directly at or by specifying it in the Custom Text Field and I will reply to you as soon as possible.


100% satisfaction!
Your overall satisfaction is very important to me and I wish the delivery process to run as smoothly as possible. For any issue that may potentially occur I am available to find flexible solutions to guarantee you an overall positive experience.

Thank you for your visit,
Jo M.

Copyright©Jo Matei Art, All Rights Reserved


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